Corporate Rewards

When it comes to raising money or earning school supplies for JES, every little bit helps. Like any school, funds are needed to provide additional programs and supplies for the school. Shopper reward programs are lucrative because families can earn cash or supplies for the school just by shopping and taking the time to register a retailer card, shop online through a rewards portal, or clipping a few Boxtops.

What does JES PTA do with this money? PTA pays for educational programming like Super Science Day, all the cultural arts assemblies, in-house field trips (like the Geode Guy), classroom and special class supplies like violin shoulder rests, kindergarten desk organizers, music stands, and more.

Giant Eagle Apples for Students

Make money for JES every time you shop at Giant Eagle. It couldn't be easier/ Register your Giant Eagle Advantage Card on line here and enter our JES Code – 0523.

Box Tops For Education

BOX TOPS earn our school 10 cents for each one we submit-this really adds up! An additional way you can earn money from BoxTops is to download the BOX TOPS Bonus App or go to and sign up for promotions for products that could earn our school even more!

Thank you for taking the time to turn-in your BOX TOPS! They don’t have to be perfectly cut, just turn them in and we will raise lots of extra money for JES!


Use the Jefferson Elementary Amazon link to continue to earn money for JES throughout the year!

Money will be used for fun assemblies and wonderful educational events.

Each time you use this special JES PTA Amazon link, our school will earn 6% of everything you spend. It truly is one of the easiest fundraisers imaginable.

You do not have to be a JES PTA member to use these links. Please share them with family, neighbors and out-of-town friends. The link works all over the world.

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